(2k7): Just Another Website?

Probably. The site does, however, consistently rank in the top 10 million of most viewed websites in the world.

The site was originally created as a way to keep my 'bookmark' file manageable (see "Links") and as a way to vent some creativity. Over the years it has become more than that: A place for my professional materials, stories about my wife and I, and the official web home of Geeky Stick Boy (offered as a public service).

This site is best viewed however you want! It is made with 94% image-free paper, which means no waiting for show-off fancy graphics. You do NOT need the latest version of Explorer or Navigator, nor do you have to change your screen resolution. No Flash Media, Shockwave, RealPlayer, or any other plug-ins required.

If you got here via a search looking for a particular page, I apologize. The links & other page is filled with various links. The personal section is about my wife and I. The professional page is related to teaching political science. Geeky Stick Boy speaks for itself.